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Inbound Phone Calls

Fetch contact details about callers and track calls from source through to their timeline. Use contact data in real-time to send calls to their HubSpot owner, to inform agents, and trigger workflows.


Start using call data across the entire HubSpot platform

Send contact information from phone calls to your HubSpot CRM and back again

Track every inbound call into the CRM automatically

Capture every phone call as an interaction on a contact’s timeline from lead to customer and beyond.

Capture caller journeys from source to agent to outcome

See exactly which ad, campaign, channel, blog post, etc drove the contact to make each call.

Personalize call experiences with CRM contact data

Use contact profile information to personalize messages, routing and agent responses at a one-to-one level.

Use calls to drive workflows and trigger automations

Update contact fields and enroll callers automatically into workflows and ensure they are nurtured to sale.

Listen to call recordings within contact records

Give agents access to inbound call recordings right within contact timelines, just like they do with outbound.

Remove the inbound call blindspot with data and analytics for Marketing Hub

Attribute online and offline sources of inbound calls

Know which marketing campaigns and channels are driving the calls that are resulting in conversions to get true ROI.

Capture unlimited data about every inbound call

Tag calls with contact, ad, campaign, context, location, segment and any other information automatically.

Continue A/B tests onto resulting phone calls

Track A/B tests onto calls and through to conversions while using incoming data to boost conversion rates even further.

Track call events directly into HubSpot Analytics 

Get granular and track calls started, calls connected, and calls converted as events in HubSpot Analytics.

Make the phone call a viable call-to-action again

Use and capture data over the phone like every other digital channel HubSpot powers.

Enable agents to convert phone calls with contact data from Sales Hub

Initiate phone follow up calls within seconds of form submissions

Convert leads 21X more often by following up within that critical five minute window.

Use contact data to convert more leads to customers 

Whisper or push contact information to agents before they answer so they can personalize and close more sales.

Get customers directly to their HubSpot owner or chat agent

Send callers to a familiar voice, whether that is the last person they messaged with or their dedicated account manager.

Distribute leads to agents most capable of converting the sale

Match new leads to agents based on their status, segment or any other data attribute.

Shorten paths to purchase by capturing caller data automatically

Know which products and services a contact is calling about without even asking.

Connect customers to the Service Hub agent best able to exceed their expectations

Alert agents about caller context and history

Deliver caller information such as outstanding support tickets, loyalty status, and qualifying information to agents.

Hold and transfer callers to the agent best suited to their need

Give agents live call controls to hold callers, dial new agents and transfer calls, right from within the contact profile.

Match conversations over the phone to interactions over the web

Continue conversations from the web by passing form and chat data to the agent answering the phone.

Prioritize calls based on segment, status, and chat session

Design caller workflows that deliver the customer experiences that help customers succeed.

Make phone service as personal as on the web

Extend the personalization HubSpot delivers onto phone calls and tailor experiences to the individual.

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