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Retreaver sets up in minutes to help solve your inbound call related problems. If you're looking for ways to scale as you grow, the Retreaver's powerful platform can help. 

Capture, integrate and use call data to deliver better call results - today!

Inbound call tracking that works with marketing business solutions like

Track Ad Performance by Keyword

Track calls and keywords back to ads with call extensions and ads sent through landing pages

Retreaver makes it easy to know exactly which keywords, ads and channels are delivering the calls that are converting into qualified leads and into sales.

  • Capture unique keywords as data tags on each call
  • Quickly report which calls are converting as a result of which ads and keywords
  • A/B test call campaigns based on outcome to drive more quality calls

Deliver Detailed Call Analytics

Acquire deeper insight into the campaigns, channels and partners that are driving calls

Retreaver increases your organization's call intelligence. Apply, manage and track unlimited data tags on each call for complete multi-dimension tracking and analysis.

  • Caller, campaign, 3rd-party and custom data; you choose the information to associate with calls
  • Data-driven routing sends callers to the best person to take their call
  • Optimize online & offline marketing campaigns based on call outcomes

Measure True Marketing ROI

Eliminate the marketing blind-spot of phone calls by attributing call outcomes to campaigns

Retreaver helps you know which online and offline marketing efforts are converting to sales, integrating with your omni-channel tools seamlessly.

  • Match sales conversions in your CRM with any call into your organization
  • Use apple-to-apple comparisons across channels
  • Seamlessly integrate your call metrics with your favourite marketing dashboard.

1 to 1 Customer Experiences

Use caller, contextual and customer data in real-time to deliver hyper-personalized call experiences

As the battleground shifts to customer experience, Retreaver helps you deliver the same personalized experience over the phone that you're delivering over 

your multiple digital channels.

  • Leverage existing customer profiles and dispositions in your phone experience.
  • Interface seamlessly with customer databases, CRMs and marketing automation tools
  • Optimize your call experience at a one-to-one, personal level

Improve Sales Operations

Deliver caller context and intent directly to your sales team and help them close more leads

Retreaver makes sure that your sales operations and agents are using all the information at hand to drive conversions. 

  • Pre-qualify your leads before connecting the call
  • Instantly segment your calls and route them to the agent best able to solve their needs
  • Provide agents with information about the caller before they answer the phone - even on their mobile

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