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For individuals, teams and those looking to do more with their call experience than just out-of-the-box. 

Designed for your Administrators & Super Users. This training covers advanced customer experience and campaign design, data & tags, advanced routing, interfacing with external systems, managing collaborators, reporting and analytics, and more.

For Super Users

Online or onsite training for administrators & teams focused on all aspects of Retreaver

For Agents & Collaborators

Tailored online training course for your agents, buyers and invited collaborators.

Our training team will work alongside you to tailor web-based training for your end users answering the calls. Topics focus on using data from calls, and navigating their Retreaver dashboard.

For Certified Partners

Your success is our success. This training focuses on providing you with the tools you need to integrate Retreaver with your product, marketing, sales and solutions in order to drive more business.

Partner-focused training to help you position and use Retreaver with your business products and services

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