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Your website knows everything about your customer. 

Don't let that information get lost the second they pick up the phone to call you.


Retreaver delivers all the features and call data you need to bridge marketing efforts with your sales results and customer experience

Session Tracking

Easily layer onto your existing IVR and phone infrastructure the capability to A/B test messaging, campaigns or even agent teams, and in minutes not days.




Understand where your caller is located and who in your organization will serve them best, filter out callers outside your market, cross market based on your callers context.

Know exactly how customers found you. Whether they call in from Adwords, Facebook, search, email or even offline; understand exactly which campaigns you should be spending more on.

CRM Integration

Seamlessly integrate your phone system with your CRM, making all the data you've already collected about your customers available to your call agents.

Better understand caller intent before you even pick up the phone. Gain insight to your caller's context, history, page views and the information you need to deliver their needs fast.


Customer Service

Referral Attribution & Conversion Tracking 

Authentication & 

User Tracking

A/B Testing

Know if your caller is logged in online, and confirm their customer status. Instantly identify loyal customers and deliver the call experience afforded to their loyalty tier. 

Let us show you how easy it is:

Stephen L.

Florian F.

Owner, Marketing Agency

"[Retreaver] makes it really easy for us to calculate our ROI and to decide how to distribute our investments across the assets in our portfolio."

What People Are Saying

Sr. Manager, Credit Company

"It does everything I need to track phone calls at a fraction of the price of other platforms."

Will C.

CEO, Marketing Agency

"Hands down the best call platform.  The call routing features are far superior to other platforms out there. Having access to many countries if vital."


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